This November the beautiful Leicester Square Theatre will transform into a cosy autumnal hideout, as comedians (and some pretty damn cool actors and musos) come together to tell tales by the fireside. If you've ever been swept up in the darkness by a campfire, or had your mind blown over a bottle of wine at a candlelit kitchen table - you know what we're talking about.

This fortnight-long festival includes feature-length storytelling shows, workshops and showcases. There will be performances from renowned New York storyteller Martin Dockery - seven times finalist in The Moth's Grandslam Storytelling Championship, a feature show from cult comedy collective - Storytellers' Club, alternative stand-up star Wil Hodgson's Perrier-award winning 2004 show, John-Luke Roberts' brand new tale of a haunted sock, Joanna Neary's Youth Club - a cracking yarn told through a bunch of misfit characters, Sarah Bennetto's hilarious and true tale of a fortune found through competitions,Liam Mullone In A Dead Man's Hat - a powerhouse of a comedy show that earned him a book deal, and an evening of musical stories with heroes of the indie comedy/folk scene, Story Jam.

It all leads up to a huge closing night show, The Voices In Your Head - a dark-hearted storytelling extravaganza, guided by a disembodied voice, starring Russell Tovey (from Him & Her, Being Human, Doctor Who), Kerry Howard (Him & Her), and Thom Tuck (of sketch comedy behemoth, The Penny Dreadfuls).

The London Storytelling Festival and its workshops sold out this time last year, so this is a great opportunity to be part of one of the most intimate, welcoming and inspirational events you'll be part of this winter. A genuinely heart-bolstering fortnight, and a great excuse to be snuggled up somewhere warm with fellow like-minds.