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1-10 October 2011 Leicester Square Theatre
Leicester Square Theatre


All shows take place at The Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BX.

As well as booking online, you can also book for any show by calling 08448 733433 or by visiting the theatre.

Package deals

  • Buy tickets to any three shows, including the Closing Night Gala for just 25
  • Buy tickets to all nine shows for just 70

Package deals are available by calling the box office directly on 08448 733433.

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October
12 noon - 5:00pm

Storytelling workshop with Martin Dockery

Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Rd, Islington, London, N7 9EF (Caledonian Rd tube; Piccadilly line)

Martin Dockery is an internationally renowned storyteller, over from New York City as a guest of the London Storytelling Festival. This two day workshop will help you to choose and shape stories from your life. We will cover how to begin, what to include, crucially what to leave out and how to end your story unforgettably. Delicious pastries and refreshments included. SOLD OUT.


Wednesday 5 October

Story Jam

The London Storytelling Festival presents a night of tale-telling through song, from top festival names in music and comedy. Our special line up of indie superstars includes:

  • Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield (feat. Emmy the Great & Elizabeth Sankey of Summer Camp)
  • Gavin Osborn (witty, bittersweet songwriter & Kitson collaborator)
  • Isy Suttie (Peep Show's Dobby and brilliant guitarist & storyteller)
Thursday 6 October

Hannah Gadsby is Wrong and Broken

When Hannah was seven she stole her brother's imaginary friend and wrote a book chronicling a dark and traumatic life for this new comrade. That book turned out to be a blueprint for her journey to adulthood. Can Hannah defeat the dragon? A laugh-filled journey will determine that answer. Come be uplifted by a wry and witty coming-out story told with aplomb.

“Gadsby is a self-deprecating, likable and endearingly flawed narrator” - The Age

“Deadpan, cutting wit; an assured performer” **** The Scotsman


Thursday 6 October

Martin Dockery's - The Bike Trip

In a breathtaking quest to uncover the very nature of the psychedelic experience, a man travels through San Francisco, India, and Switzerland where he taps into history's very first acid trip by, amongst other things, renting a bike.

“Dockery is a great performer and it's hard to take your eyes off him.... The Bike Trip is funny with punch lines that come out of nowhere.”

“Dockery's gifts as a storyteller border on the supernatural. Go see The Bike Trip. Oh, go see The Bike Trip!”


Friday 7 October

Martin Dockery's - Wanderlust

A man journeys deep into Africa, trekking from the Atlantic to the Sahara. There he demands an Epiphany. Any Epiphany at all. A comic, true story.

Adelaide Critics Circle Award, 2011. Multiple sell-out shows in Adelaide, Orlando, London, Toronto, Saskatoon, Fresno, Vancouver and entire sold-out runs in Winnipeg, Victoria, & Edmonton

“The best of the best of the best” The Orlando Sentinel

Friday 7 October

The Voices in Your Head

A night of improvised storytelling which will take performers from London's best known sketch and improv groups into a whole new headspace. All story. All improvised. A brilliant mind in panic is a wonderful thing to see - when it's listening to the voices in its head. Featuring:

  • Thom Tuck (The Penny Dreadfuls)
  • Tom Parry (Pappy's)
  • Matthew Crosby (Pappy's)
  • Sara Pascoe (sparkling stand-up and actress)
  • Jana Carpenter (Your Girlfriend, Sunrise Sunset)
  • Tom Salinsky (The Spontaneity Shop)
Saturday 8 October

Improv Storytelling Workshop with Deborah Frances-White

Learn to make up magical stories on the spot with inspiration from the audience, your own life or just thin air. Deborah Frances-White is an award-winning comedian, storyteller & scriptwriter, and the star of How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You. She will guide this afternoon of storytelling and give you the confidence to blow minds with your very own tales. Ticket price includes tasty treats and refreshments.


Saturday 8 October

Martin Dockery's - Bursting into Flames

A terrifyingly funny journey through the horrors of heaven. The third and final fantastic show in the trilogy from New York's gifted cult storyteller, Martin Dockery.

“A master storyteller.” The Post & Courier, Charleston


Saturday 8 October

Storytellers Club

Comedians gather round the campfire to tell witching hour tales. You show. We tell.

The special London Storytelling Festival presentation of this much-loved storytelling evening features tales from:

  • Sarah Kendall (award-winning stand-up storyteller)
  • Rachel Rose Reid ("Queen of the New Wave of storytellers" - BBC Radio 3)
  • James Dowdeswell (witty & wonderful Storytellers' regular)
  • Deborah Frances-White (star of How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You)
  • Sarah Bennetto (your host & narrator)
  • Plus more surprise guests to be announced.

“Shows like Storytellers' Club are what make the Comedy Festival so special” - Australian Comedy Review

“Just go and see it” - Time Out London

“Unashamedly literate and lo-fi” - The Independent

“A magical idea.” - The Metro


Sunday 9 October
12 noon

Storytellers' Club Workshop with Sarah Bennetto

The artistic director of the LFSF and of London's much-loved Storytellers' Club shows you how to choose and tell your story like a fireside raconteur. Meet other aspiring storytellers and share in an afternoon of breathing life into your own tales. Sarah Bennetto is a stand-up comic and radio presenter, who has toured her feature-length storytelling shows at arts and music festivals all over the world. Ticket price includes refreshments, delicious pastries and an all-round feeling of bonhomie.


Sunday 9 October

Story Slam

This is your London Storytelling Festival. In this show, you are the star. Your dinner party story, your life story, your love story - this is where you tell it live to an audience and feel the rush of live storytelling. Inspired by the great story slams of New York (The Moth) and further afield, this is London's opportunity to tell its tale. Come down and tell a funny, moving and memorable five-minute story for a chance to win prizes from our sponsor, Wines of Portugal. Come to tell a story, or just to watch real people tell their stories. An inspirational evening is guaranteed.


Monday 10 October

The London Storytelling Festival Gala Show

The London Storytelling Festival is proud to present a star-studded story show to close our first annual festival. This is a rare opportunity to see a new side of some of the UK (and world's!) most famous performers. We can now officially announce that this closing night gala will feature tales from the excellent:

  • Harry Shearer (This Is Spinal Tap, The Simpsons)
  • Mark Thomas (marvellous 'conscience comic', author and raconteur)
  • Judith Owen (dazzling singer-songwriter, and star of Losing It)
  • Phil Kay (supremely gifted storytelling comedian)
  • Martin Dockery (our feature NYC storyteller in residence)
  • Hosted by Deborah Frances-White and Sarah Bennetto


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